Saturday, December 09, 2006

how to tie a scarf

If you know me, then you know I like to wear a scarf every single day. I feel absolutely naked without one! Keeps my neck warm and adds a wonderful splash of color to the complexion. It's got to be silk or cashmere or some other gorgeous natural fiber (cotton is my new craze). Something that feels nice on the skin.

Sometimes it seems a chore to add that final touch. But what a tragedy to let those beautiful silk squares gather dust. How to tie it and still show off your designer prints? Well I have a simple trick, shown in the photo here with my vintage colorblock Dior.
  1. First, start with a square and fold the scarf on the diagonal to form a triangle.

  2. Hold one end in each hand with the large point of the triangle pointing down.

  3. Next wrap the scarf around your neck from the back to the front so that the two ends meet in the front. You can stop here and tie a knot in the front creating a cape-like effect. Very nice indeed! But I usually keep wrapping around to the back.

  4. Finish by tying a knot at the back of your nape and then fluffing up the effect in the front. How tight or loose you wrap and tie will determine the amount of fluff you'll have to work with. Sometimes, it's nice to wrap it tight almost like a choker. But mostly, especially if it's printed silk, I like to tie it loosely and allow the beautiful patterns to drape across my chest. Don't worry if the knot works its way around. That's part of the charm.


slomokazi said...

hey penny
(u dont mind me callin you that?)
danx for the tip. im so into scarf's but was never sure of how to do it. i followd ur instructions nad it works but it doesnt look as cute as yours... guess it comes with gettin used to it... danx

Unknown said...

hey penelope! thx soo much for this tip! i just used to tie my scarf in a plain V but this look alot cuter! thx!

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