Monday, January 21, 2013


The last month has been one of many firsts. Just as soon as A turned one, her first three teeth popped out all at once. No wonder she was so crabby at Christmas!

Soon after, she started pointing at the tree every time we mentioned "Christmas tree." So we tried other words: owl, loon, light. She gets those. But when you say "mummy" or "papa" she just looks confused and points to the mantle.

Now within the last week she is actually saying the words! Her first one "banana" came out as "na na na na na" with a few extra syllables as she bounced up and down in her high chair in excitement about the fruit approaching her tray.

Since then she has also managed to say "owl" and "more" and, supposedly, "mama" when I was in the other room.

And lastly, she's made some steps on her own! Just a few here and there, but it's clear that any day now she is going to be off and running.

With all this excitement going on, it's so wonder none of us are getting any sleep!

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