Monday, February 12, 2007

andy's well-dressed philosphy

"A person has to be very careful about what he's buying these days or else he'll wind up buying junk. And paying a lot for it too. So this means that if you see a well-dressed person today, you know that they've thought a lot about their clothes and how they look. And then that ruins it because you shouldn't really be thinking about how you look so much. The same applies to girls but not as much—they can care a little more about themselves without being unattractively self-interested, because they're naturally prettier. But a man caring about about how he looks is usually trying very hard to be attractive, and that's very unattractive in a man." Andy Warhol from The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (from A to B and Back Again)

I agree with you Andy, except for this: girls, er women, must try just as hard as men to be attractive. The ones who are successful are the ones who embrace their look with confidence. Confidence is the key. Confidence and intuition. For if a woman, who has the means to purchase a well-tailored, high-quality look, feels ill in her own skin, then she might as well have bought some sweatpants for five bucks. Or better yet, just stayed home. However, that scenario is rare, because women are naturally more intuitive than men. They are much less likely than men to wear a look that makes them feel like they're trying too hard in the first place. Because it just doesn't feel right. This statement might sound sexist, Andy. Possibly even feminist. I assure you that it is.

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