Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puerto Rican lasagna

Mummy and Papa came to town on Monday so we could all have dinner together and pull names for Christmas. Papa made the most amazing dish, which he called "Puerto Rican Lasagna." It was like a lasagna in that it was a layered casserole with cheese, but instead of noodles, he used fried plantains (Mmmm!) and instead of tomato sauce, he used picadillo, which is just a ground meat mixture with lots of spices and seasoning. It was so yummy—even baby Sapphire couldn't get enough.

Colin will be sad to have missed it (he's been in Austria this week for work). But word is that Papa's bringing some moose meat for day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast. So ALL IS GOOD.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I need to go find me some Brussels sprouts at the farmers' market. Byebye.

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