Saturday, March 27, 2010

me day

Ah, finally a Saturday morning at home. I can't remember the last Saturday when we stayed home and relaxed. All winter, it's been either out-of-town or to the mountain as soon as we wake up and, while I bet it could be a good day of snowboarding today, I'm taking this day for myself.

Colin's out west for work. This is his first work trip since we got married—the first time away. I always miss him when he's gone, but after a couple of days, I do eventually get off the couch, dust myself off and do as many ME things as I can fit into a day.

For now, that means lots of fresh coffee and 3 new magazines I've been saving to look at. It's a sunny day. I'll sit by the window and soak it in. And later, I might walk into town. Or go to a sugar house. Or cuddle with the cats.


Unknown said...

Every girl should have a few of these days every now and again...essential! Snuggling with the kitties sounds like a good plan, then meandering down to the town to buy a new hankie or something! Btw, there's a typo in your blog: it should be 'walk' not 'walked'...thought you might like to correct xx

Penelope said...

Oops! Thanks Maman. I fixed it. xoxo

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