Thursday, April 08, 2010

pics from the weekend

Last weekend was Easter weekend and we planned to go up to Newport to spend the weekend with the rents. Colin got in from a work trip late Friday night. So we decided to wait till Saturday to head out of town. On the drive up to the NEK, we met up with Kev at Jay Peak to get in some spring riding & skiing. It was a hot weekend and hit near 80 degrees at the base lodge. But they still had tons of snow on the slopes.

We were in tees and snow pants. But some people were in bikinis. This girl was posing in her hot pink one:

We got a few good runs in. Colin convinced me to try the mini park. It was so fun! He said not to worry about jumping, just to go over the roly poly bumps. But after a couple, I got the hang of it and got some good air off a couple—I even got some hoots from the chair lift. It was so sunny and so hot, that we had to keep taking breaks to drink water and rest. Here's Kev:

Finally, we headed home happy and tired, tired, tired. It was so warm outside, we ate our Easter dinner outside on Saturday night. Papa roasted some of the coffee beans we got him in Hawaii and made us a special brew. Next morning, the Easter bunny definitely came (after church of course!) and showered us with treats. Lovely!

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