Sunday, June 20, 2010

family weekend

Colin and I just got home from a weekend visiting his parents in Katonah, NY and the rest of the fam in Fairfield, CT. We try to get down there a few times a year, which never feels like enough. Because every time we go down, it feels like so long since we've all seen each other. And the kids are so much bigger than they were the last time.

Still, I always think that one benefit of those trips is that we get to see everyone all together in one weekend. It's like a big family reunion every time and feels so special.

And here is little Lily, our newest niece, who last we saw was just a little lump and is now a little person (mistaking one kind of bottle for another!)

I think I take for granted having my family so close. My sisters and I live in the same town, just streets away. Because I have my family nearby, I forget sometimes that Colin doesn't. It means so much to him to makes these trips to see his family, to show me the places he used to hang out with his friends. To invite me into his favorite childhood memories.

Leaving on Sunday is always difficult—and always comes too soon. So we try to pepper the journey with fun and interesting things. This time, Colin brought me to one of his favorite pizza places Portofino's to get a slice before the drive. I've never seen such a humongous pizza slice in my whole life. They were at least a foot long. This is just two slices but they had to cut them in half so we could eat them.

As we neared Burlington the sun was just about to set over the Adirondacks. A beautiful view to welcome us home.

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Emma and Kevin Kouri said...

Lilly is suck a PORKER!!!!!! I can't believe it. So cute. That pizza looks good. mmmmmmm....

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