Monday, June 29, 2009

dude, just grill it

This time of year, it's grilling central: at work, at our friends' house, even at the college party house next door. Everywhere, but our place. That's right, no grill at our house. The travesty!

So, finally, after years of wanting and coveting and feeling inadequate, we bought one this weekend. Colin treated us to one heck of a beauty with some of his birthday money. We're determined to make up for lost time and grill as much as possible.

For his birthday, we grilled up lots of meat (at our place?! gasp! yes, meat!) and asparagus and potatoes and garlic scapes. Tonight, we grilled sausages (for Col), marinated tofu (for Me), asparagus and sweet potatoes. Who knew? Grilled sweet potatoes are awesome!

Whatever we can get on the grill, we're going to do it this summer: mushrooms, eggplant, bread, cheese, cabbage... We're not afraid. Hmm, I wonder: can you grill rutabaga?


Lauren said...

Dude you should buy some Halloumi (sp?) cheese, roll it in oregano and grill it for a few. AMAZING. I ate that in Brazil almost every single day at the beach.

Penelope said...

I LOVE halloumi cheese!! That's a fabulous idea. We should do it together. :-)

Emma and Kevin Kouri said...

The only thing that should hit that grill is Meat and lots of it. Colin I got your back on the meat supply. K Dogg

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