Wednesday, December 05, 2007

at park plaza

The next day, Mama Sonia wasn't feeling well enough to visit Papa Roger's grave, so we went with Uncle Jerry and then had lunch.

On the way home, Emi and I were feeling thoughtful and so we decided to try the other side of the street and get drinks and dessert at Park Plaza Gardens on Park Avenue. No dogs in sight this time! We each got some wine and shared a key lime cheesecake that came out to us in such an elegant presentation, I just had to take a picture. I said, "this is cheesecake?" It was delicious too.

We spent a while there sipping and chatting. This is when we came to the conclusions Emma wrote about this week on Eat Peas.

Next day, we left. That morning, before our flight, we finally did manage to eat the massive papaya and avocado sitting on the counter. And we tried some sweet boiled plantain as well. It was tangy sweet. So good! We also went to Bravo to stock up on some Puerto Rican food. It would have been a fun adventure, it was wasn't for the flat tire...


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