Friday, June 06, 2008

friday night, on my couch, and I don't care

I had kimchi for dinner again tonight. Before that I had three bowlfuls of Barbara's Shredded Spoonfuls with 2% milk.

Colin's in Hong Kong again, and I guess that's what becomes of me when I'm on my own. I eat crap. I sit on my couch and watch back to back episodes of What Not to Wear on TLC.

To be fair, I'm exhausted and just off. It was a crazy week at work. I've slept terribly the last few nights. I did attempt to walk into town when I got home, but I forgot that it's Jazz Fest and Church Street was so crowded people kept bumping into me. And it was muggy and my armpits were sweating. I kept having these horrible visions that I was going to trip on the uneven sidewalk and fall and everyone dining at Sweetwaters was going to laugh at me.

Sometimes I like people watching. But I don't like people watching me back.

Any-who, I booked it to the bookstore, bought Persepolis for bookclub (I'm very excited to read this one!) and came straight home. But not before I ran into my co-worker and breathed my cabbage kimchi breath all over her (mortifying!).

Now I'm on my couch with Au Lait curled up next to me. I think I'll take to the bed now, with my brand new issue of Bon Appetit and my feline foot warmers and a glass of wine.



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