Monday, February 23, 2009

a weekend with the boy

Col's leaving for a big trip to Canada & Asia tomorrow. So we stockpiled this past weekend with quality moments together—enough to keep us going for the next three weeks when two oceans and a gazillion time zones separate our physical selves.

Friday night we finished up season one of Mad Men (holy cow!) but Colin in true form, fell asleep and missed the last (and most crucial) episode. So I gave him a recap on the way to the Stowe the next day. Saturday was my best snowboarding day this winter so far. We spent the entire day at the mountain. The conditions were wonderful—I made it my mission to find secret pockets of powder and we scored a few hidden runs that no one else had found. Col said he likes that I go fast when there's powder. I just can't help myself!

When we got back to town we picked up a gazillion flatbreads and salads from American Flatbread and brought them over to Em & Kev's for dinner. Their friends Christina and Brian were up visiting for the weekend with their kids. Sapphie was sleeping pretty much the whole time. I practically fell asleep at the dinner table. I was so tired from all that riding!

Yesterday was just the best. We were anticipating a huge storm all day. But it just never really happened in Burlington. (Meanwhile, my parents up in Newport reported well over a foot!) We cleaned our place, Colin packed and I crossed some things off my ever-growing list.

Finally, it was dinner time and we had reservations at the Bearded Frog in Shelburne. Yay! Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the Oscars, but we had the restaurant to ourselves. So we sidled up to the bar and had a lovely dinner right there: venison cigars with yummy dipping sauces; the best Waldorf salad ever with apples, bacon, cranberries and candied nuts. I had a delicious corn timbale for dinner; Col had the meatloaf with chorizo (yowza!). We finished it off with Tahitian vanilla bean creme brule. I love that place!

So what'll I do while the boy's away? Well, for one, I'm going up to my parents' house for some fun in the snow. I'm thinking I might paint another room. The hallway maybe? I'll probably read a book or two. Finish my friend's website. Hang out with some girlfriends. Go to my friend's wedding. Maybe fit some wedding planning of my own. Yup, I'll have no problem filling my days. I'll be okay!

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