Thursday, February 26, 2009

hmm, what else?

Thursday night. Just got home from an evening with some girlfriends. It was nice! Even though the cookies I made for dessert ended up as weird little rocks.

Colin's been gone since Tuesday morning, but I still haven't heard from him. I know this is awful, but I realized tonight that I don't even know exactly where he is. Well, I'm pretty sure he's still in British Columbia snowboarding. But pretty soon, I think, he'll be leaving for Taiwan, and then a week after that going to Hong Kong for a few days. I asked him to bring me back some lanyard charms for my wallet. I only have two right now--the weird bandaged stick guy that Jess gave me and an origami crane that Col got me the last time he was in the Tokyo airport.

Yes, new lanyards would be a fun thing.

What else? I'm still working on my friend's website. I really want to post a link, but it's just not quite ready yet. I will soon!

Going up to my parents' in Newport tomorrow. Maybe ride at Jay on Saturday with Brother Kev.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. My dreams this week have been so weird!


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