Tuesday, December 01, 2009

girly nonsense

With our wedding now less than two months away, it's the only thing on my mind. I'm totally obsessed. Which means that if I write anything at all, it's most likely going to be wedding-related. (Sorry!) So here's an indulgent girly post:

I was never the kind of girl who fantasized about her wedding. But I did love to dress up. I used to sneak into my mother's closet and put on her wedding dress and attached the pretty opal costume brooch that her Gramsy gave her to wear on her wedding day. I didn't dream about ballgowns or white roses or limousines, but I did covet that brooch. So one day, I snagged it from my Mum's jewelry box—and I've been keeping watch over it ever since: I too will wear it on my wedding day. (Mum, I promise I'll return it afterwards!)

So now I've been searching for some earrings to match. Hannah and I were going to make some, but when we figured out that it would be cheaper to just buy them, I went straight to Etsy (of course!) and found the perfect pair of earrings from Marie Wu designs. Here they are, aren't they lovely?? At first I felt guilty about buying them, but then Hannah reasoned that I can pass these down to my daughter on her wedding day (or at least to Sapphie if I don't have a daughter). She said: It's your wedding day, afterall! And I said, You're right! And I'm so excited about these babies:

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Unknown said...

Darling Gramsie would be tickled pink if she but knew the journey her little brooch has taken! Wear it with joy, and when you bequeath those exquisite earrings to your daughter, or to Sapphie, please be sure to include the opal and pearl brooch, together with the velvet-lined box and note! Gramsie was Jeanie Walker from Aberdeen, Scotland, and the mother of Granny Dot, married to George Wells. She had a big heart, beautiful finger nails, which she drummed on the kitchen table and drove my mother crazy, and was a whiz at bridge!! Her bridge partner was the mother of Allen Schumann, who, along with his wife Dorothy, summered on Lake Memphramagog, less than a mile from where we lived on the lake!! Small world...Both Allen and Dorothy are buried in the cemetry overlooking the lake on Lake Road.

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