Monday, December 14, 2009

good ol' bubble & squeak

Now that I'm eating a little meat every now and then, I've revived the bubble & squeak dinner of my childhood: bangers and mash (sausage & mashed potatoes) with a side of steamed cabbage. I made it tonight for a quick dinner and Colin proclaimed it his second favorite winter meal after chili. The twist on the original is that I use the Al fresco chicken sausages. (The teriyaki ginger & apple maple flavors are the best.) This time, I steamed the potatoes and cabbage together (added the cabbage halfway through) and that worked out swell. Mashies with just a tad of butter, milk, salt & pepper. Cabbage with the same.

And of course, I served mustard alongside. Colin likes the grainy kind of Dijon mustard. Me, I like Coleman's Hot English Mustard.

Mmm, so good!


Unknown said...

Bubble and squeak of your childhood never included those delicious Al fresco bangers...but it sounds delicious. Bubble and squeak was a way of using up left over cabbage and mashed potatoes from the previous evening's dinner. The idea was to mix the two together and form pancakes with the ensuing mixture. These little pancakes, salted and peppered, were sauteed in bubbling butter until browned and crisped on each side. A delicious stick-to-the-ribs breakfast, especailly when accompanied by a few rashers of good bacon. Simple and old-fashioned it may be, but still an economically appetising way to deal with the remains of last night's dinner!

mark said...

Jamie Oliver on his nightly Christmas cooking shows just did a bubble and squeak. He says anything goes as long as it is 50% potato. I had never heard of one before and now twice in the same week. Guess we'll be giving it a shot on Boxing Day!

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