Saturday, January 09, 2010

2 weeks

This is the countdown for real. 14 days till the wedding and I'm feeling surprisingly calm. Just a few last-minute details, but for the most part everything is all set. See? Being such a planner has its perks. I'm trying to take everyone's advice and just really ENJOY this time. Colin is secretly planning our honeymoon trip. 2 weeks in Kauai! I can hardly wait. But first: the wedding, getting hitched with the man I love, seeing family and friends, music, dancing, good food, seeing all of our creative planning come to life. Then: a well-deserved vacation for the both of us. Yay!

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Unknown said...

My heart's in my mouth!! We're both so excited...we love you both so much, and I can hardly believe it's only 11 more days!!! Yippee! God bless you both, and I'm so pleased that you're not like the bridezillas on the telly!!!!

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