Monday, January 04, 2010

snow, finally, snow

Well, it took a little patience, but we finally got our first big snowstorm of the season. Burlington got the most out of anywhere and they reported record snowfall at the airport—30 some odd inches. (I don't know what kind of measuring stick they were using over there; we got just around 2 feet at our house downtown.)

The entire weekend was a-snow. But there was a quiet moment around midday Sunday and I walked into town to run some errands. I couldn't believe all the snow piled high on Church Street! And there was still more to come...

Later last night, before family night dinner, the girls took a dusk snowshoe across the street at the golf course. Sapphire was tucked in snug as a bug. The snow was past our knees, but light as a feather.

It was even higher than the dogs. They got tired pretty quickly and stayed in the path the whole way back.

Yay snow!

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