Monday, February 13, 2012

first yoga class

Or I should say, first post-natal yoga class. That's because Amelia has been going to yoga class with me every Sunday since she was 14 weeks old in utero. And I was doing lots of yoga during labor, right up until she was born (even in the hospital room!). And so, last week, I brought her with me to my post-natal yoga class. There were 5 other moms there, all with babies under 4 months old. Amelia was the youngest.

I walked to class with her in a carrier, so by the time we got there, she was fast asleep and I lay her down on a blanket by my mat. That's when I took this picture. But she soon woke up and was so alert and fascinated by my every move. She barely made a peep the whole class. She giggled when I did the plank above her head. She looked wide-eyed at my warrior pose. She gazed softly at me during shavasana at the end. She's a yoga baby.

Amelia in shavasana pose

Amelia and Mama doing yoga together during labor

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Unknown said...

Being a mom mustn’t get in the way of you doing your regular recreational activities, like yoga. It was a good idea to bring your baby with you so that she’ll learn something. Who knows? Maybe in time, she’ll love yoga too. Keep it up!

-Saundra Cortese

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