Friday, April 04, 2008

in the details, nature

I found much inspiration in the English country side. The endless combinations of textures and colors drew my attention as much to close surfaces as it did to the broad landscapes. Once I got all my photos off my camera, I noticed that I had taken many close-up pictures of interesting compositions. I did it somewhat without realizing it, but looking at them now, I find myself drawn to them again and again.

I keep discovering new things about them. Like, for one, a recurring church theme. Also, most of them seem to portray something human or manmade deteriorating—over-run by nature. By age or weather. I love the vibrant green algae on the wooden fences and clapboard siding. It's from, I imagine, the damp weather there. We don't get that kind of wear and tear in Vermont. It's too cold. Or too dry. So for me, it's beautiful. For others, it might be a nuisance.

Here are some of my favorite detail images. I like to think of them as "vignettes." They're evocative. They tell a story. I'll give a little clue. You can make up the rest...

Wheels, in a church yard in Dorchester, Dorset.

Exposed brick from what's left of a building in the deserted village of Tyneham, which was evacuated during World War II.

Lichen on a gravestone in the Tyneham church cemetery, Dorset.

Slate walk-way in a Dorchester church yard.

A window railing in Dorchester.

Beautiful poisonous berries in a hedgerow.

On a public foot path in Whitecombe, Dorset.

Garden shed behind Uncle Richard and Aunt Carrie's house.

A tiled floor at the Sherborne Abbey in Sherborne, Dorset.

Wooden doors at the church in Marston Magna, Somerset, where Mummy was born and where Gaffa and Granny now rest in peace together.


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