Monday, April 21, 2008

more eatingwell fun

I think it's about time to start touting some of the fabulous stuff we've been working on at EatingWell.

The EatingWell Menu Planner

With this new interactive online tool, you can create daily or weekly menus with your favorite recipes from (or your own favorite recipes and foods) and print convenient shopping lists based on your selections. You can also use the tool to calculate your calorie intake, track your weight, write daily journal entries and follow your progress toward reaching your personal health goals. All you need is a My EatingWell account.

Green & Sustainable Channel

Just in time for Earth Day! We've compiled all of our "green" content in one convenient place—buyer's guides, health facts, articles on green living, sustainable food choices, and more. Check it out!

Blogging on Shine from Yahoo!

Can't remember if I've mentioned this yet, but Yahoo!'s new blog-based website, Shine, is featuring an EatingWell blog in their food channel. Our editors have been working really hard to write some fabulous entries—and there's a new one every day. The 5 quick and healthy weeknight meals in the picture is one of our posts, written by the recipe makeover maven, Jessie Price.

"The Slideshow"

For those of us intimately involved, we call it "The Slideshow." But it's not really a slideshow; it's more like a call-out for out top content of the week. (Some people call it a switcher.) There are five categories: Fresh Foods, Food News, Diet & Nutrition Tips, Healthy Recipes, and Recipe Makeovers. We added it to the EatingWell homepage as a way to elevate our awesome content, which might otherwise be buried. It's something that yours truly spends at least four hours a week producing. But I love it. And this week, we're featuring one of my favorite slides to date: Sweet Tart—all about rhubarb.


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