Sunday, March 01, 2009

sunday night, feeling good

Well, I finally heard from Col on Friday right before he was leaving Baldface for Taiwan. Sounds like he had an amazing time—riding the snowcat into the most amazing snowy landscape. Then snowboarding his way down. Then living the life of luxury for a couple of days at the lodge. I'm glad he was able to do it before his trip to Asia. I just spoke with him again tonight (gotta love video chat!)—he's getting ready for his first day of work in Taipei. He seems to be in good sprits.

I am too. I had a lovely weekend.

We (Emi, Kev, Sapphie and I) went up to Newport to stay with my parents for the weekend. It was pretty chill. We barely even left the house, which is exactly what we all needed I think. And I had a really nice bonding moment with my little niece. This is her, with my mummy:

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