Saturday, February 12, 2011

in the woods

It's official. I'm a snowboarder. And the other officialness is this: (Mummy, Joan, please avert your eyes) today I rode the Butt Crack. That's right, the Butt Crack.

Up until now, I've been all about the powder, the little jumps here and there. I'm not about the speed. I just like to play in the snow. That's what I like to do.

It all started a few weeks ago, when Col and I met up with Taylor one day snowboarding and the two of them convinced me to go in the woods. They picked out a trail that was totally mellow and nice and flat. They let me take my time. I was scared. The turns are faster and tighter, but I couldn't believe how much snow was in there. All that powder!

A couple of weeks later, Mark and Kathleen came up for the weekend. We all decided it would be a good idea to do that woods run again. It was a good idea. It was fun and Kathleen couldn't get enough of it.

So as of today, I had only been in that one part of the woods a few times. But I hadn't been in any other woods. I just didn't feel ready. Col and I had a really fun morning riding around all over, meeting up with friends, grabbing powder wherever we could find it. Then we went inside for a warm up and in the middle of stuffing his face with samples of Cabot Cheddar cheese, Col said to me, "I think you'd really like Butt Crack."

I said, "I will do it if you really think I will like it, but the thought of it really scares me." So he suggested we take a trial run in some steeper woods. It went well and after that, he said, "I think we should do it."

"Who named it the Butt Crack?" I asked. "And why is it called Butt Crack?"

"I dunno, some old schoolers, probably. It's called Butt Crack because the shape of it is like a gully and you can snowboard up and down the sides of it. You'll love it."

I was intrigued. And well, as I mentioned before, we did it. It was awesome. We were the only two people there the whole time and I did pretty well for a first-timer. At the bottom, we arrived at a little stream, which we had to jump over to get back to the main road. I suggested we take some photos as proof. So here's the proof. I can't wait to go back to the Crack :-)

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