Wednesday, January 31, 2007

geek language

I met Jewel and Beth for lunch yesterday. Old friends, from older days. We had some catching up to do. I told them I've been taking some classes in web development and Beth expressed some surprise that I would veer so far from my artistic roots to something so mathematical. Actually, I feel quite the opposite: all this coding and all these programs seem to sync up perfectly. It's all new tools for self-expression.

With my love for language, words, and objects, it just makes sense that I'd be drawn to something that has the power to translate symbols and code into gorgeous images and colorful grids and text. It's not math, it's a perfect form of digital expression. And like any language, there's always more to learn, always a higher level of fluency to attain. That's the great challenge. I'm really just starting out.

And of course, I never did mention it to Beth, but I've always had a thing for mathematical equations. Call me a dork, I don't care. I love breaking things down to their basic elements, finding out what makes things tick and how to propell them forward. That's art, if you ask me. Math too, just like computer code or French or the owner's manual in my car, is just another beautiful language to master.

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