Friday, January 19, 2007

strange dolls

My friend Beth makes dolls. Strange dolls. Perhaps it is the very nature of being hand-made that lends a certain emotion to their gaze. I find them beautiful with their wide, glassy eyes so void, yet full. Void and full at the same time. I know that feeling... we've all felt that at one point, haven't we? It's a very human state of mind. Full of uncertainty, yet void of answers. Full of feeling, yet void of feelings. A dismal outlook? Perhaps it's all in your perspective.

When I see these dolls, so lifeless and full of soul, I am struck by my own dichotomies and vulnerabilities. The line between here and the underworld is as thin as a tightrope and always a balancing act. If you look into these disturbing eyes, you might see fear, but you might also see hope. Void of answers, yet full of questions. Void of feelings, but absolutely full of feeling. Who knew a mere doll had such a lesson to teach?

Beth creates many of these little creatures. Here are some of my favorites:

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