Friday, January 26, 2007

how much wine does it take

to make me fluent in French again? More than I thought it would seem, as I tried to converse with my friend Marie last night, and clenched up at the first sound of accent égu. I swear that didn't happen in Paris. Just asked Col, I was a veritable francophone. Still, being able to order un café hardly signifies a handle of the language. Sure, I can understand and speak it. But can I really express myself? Will I be misunderstood?

When it's the difference between having food or going hungry, finding directions or being lost, somehow we get by. But when it's a matter of putting oneself on display, and proclaiming, "this is what I can do!" (how do you say that in French?) somehow I think the extroverts have an advantage. Maybe it would help to drink French wine. Ours was from California.

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