Wednesday, March 28, 2007

how I plan to become a good citizen

Based on some lofty goals I set for myself (in my mind) earlier today, I decided it would be better to start small. The formula is Passion, then Action. I'm also utilizing some handy goal-setting skills that I learned at work recently. This could be fun.

Passion: Writing
Action/Goal 1: write at least one blog entry each week that is inspiring and uplifting
Timeline: ongoing, weekly, begins immediately

Action/Goal 2: write and submit one article or editorial for publication (who cares if it doesn't get published)
Timeline: submit by December 2007

Passion: Art
Action/Goal: get back into my artwork, complete at least 2 paintings/drawings by the end of the year
Timeline: once-a-month sketch sessions, 2 completed artworks by December 2007

Passion: Cooking
Action/Goal: cook a fine meal for somebody else (invite someone to dinner, bake cookies for work)
Timeline: ongoing, at least once a month, begins immediately

Passion: Books
Action/Goal: read a book a month, attend bookclub
Timeline: ongoing, monthly, begins immediately

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