Tuesday, March 27, 2007

california dreaming

L.A. is the ubiquitous city these days. Not that I even asked for it… it’s just turned out that way. I’ve never even been to L.A., to California. My assumptions rely heavily on second-hand information. “It’s kind of like Florida, only bigger.” Would you move there if you had the choice? I need more information.

My sister moved there in December. At the time, it seemed glamorous, albeit slightly scary. That same month, Bon Appetit ran a fabulous article on the great eating there, the trendy restaurants, the green markets, the decadent pastries. And then of course, there’s Hollywood and Rodeo Drive and Laguna Beach. Whereas New York was always the it city in my mind, L.A. was showing some promise. Would I move out there if I had the choice? I still need more information.

It took Hannah days to find a coffee shop. Granted, she’s outside of L.A. But still.

I don't think Hannah specifically asked for L.A. but now's she's got it. And now. Now, it's my turn to answer the L.A. question. What if I were asked to move there? I probably won’t be, but it’s looking like there’s a very slight chance I might be asked to move there. Closer to one sister, but further away from the other. Away from my family, my beautiful Vermont, my little apartment. Would I go?

Whatever the case, three sisters are still separated by an entire country. An entire country. It might as well be an entire world.

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