Monday, June 04, 2007

my favorite chocolate experience

Sometimes I ask for suggestions on what to write about. Tonight I asked my boyfriend, Col.

"Why don't you write about your favorite chocolate experience?" he said as he unwrapped a Kinder egg. "Here." And he handed me a piece of milk chocolate shell with a buttery layer of white inside.

"Mmm, that's good," I said as I let it melt on my tongue. "I wonder what my favorite chocolate experience is. I have so many."

I started thinking of all the wonderful chocolate I've eaten over the years and all of the chocolately memories. Col seemed preoccupied.

Suddenly he looked up and said with a sparkle in his eye, "I have something for you."

"You do? What?"

"This is for you," he handed me a little purple badger with a colander on his head. It was the Kinder egg toy. "You can put it in your car."

"I love it!" I exclaimed as I pictured it alongside my other dashboard friends: Snake Woman, Goldfish, and Poodle with the sunglasses.


Hanushka said...

One of my favorite chocolate moments was when you made all of those lovely truffles... you should post the recipe. I never knew they could be so easy to make, and so easy to personalize with crazy flavors!

Penelope said...

You're right--it is easy! I used this basic recipe from Bon Appetit. I got the yummy flavors by infusing the cream beforehand. My favorite was with lavender flowers. Earl Grey tea was also a big hit!

Lauren said...

Ooohhh good call Hannah! Thanks for posting that recipe Soe...I am going to whip some up this weekend! Yummmm. I may have to call you for help w/the infusion part though..

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