Friday, August 31, 2007

how vermont are you?

My displaced, yet e'er Vermonter sister Hanushka made a fabulous post yesterday about a ridiculous quiz that is supposed to tell you how Vermont you are. Her analysis is spot on--and we NEK'ers were certainly miffed at all of the Chittenden-centric questions. I'm guessing that the quiz was designed by flatlanders themselves. Who on earth would create a quiz called "How Vermont are you" that pertains only to the city of Burlington? (In fact, most NEK'ers don't even consider Burlington part of Vermont).

We had our other sister and her husband over for dinner last night and the four of us had a hoot taking the quiz (we scored 95% Vermont, but then, we do live in Burlington) and coming up with our own NEK version questions.

Got any more? Take the quiz and add your own! Hanushka is compiling them for her true Vermont version.

This picture is also from last night. That's Emmo with candy corn in her teeth mimicking a Northeast Kingdom accent. She's really quite good.


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