Wednesday, August 01, 2007

always friends

You know those friends you have--the always friends? The old relationships from way back when that whenever you get together--be it every week or every ten years--pick up right where they left off? These friendships are really the best kind, aren't they? Because all pressure is off.

I love how Simon & Garfunkel describe it in their song Old Friends, "Old friends. Old friends... sat on their park bench like bookends." What a great imagery of two solid and steadfast figures with a library--a lifetime--of books and stories between them.

Last night I saw one of my always friends from younger days who I haven't seen or spoken to in three years. Mandy and I were the kind of friends that would show up to school wearing the same outfit, or buy the same car--same color, same everything--at the same time, without even planning it.

She just moved back to Burlington, much to my joy. As we headed over to her new place, Colin asked, "Are you nervous?"

I replied, "Of course not! It's Mandy..."

Turns out, I was right. The three years apart did nothing to wane our friendship. In fact, they seemed to enrichen it. We talked about friends, family, jobs. Mandy's now engaged. I met her fiance for the first time last night, but it felt like I've always known him. Just like I've always known her.


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glimmering prize said...

I just went through this with my reunion. It was like I was on the same page that I was with them years ago. Some of these guys I hadn't seen since my wedding in 1991!! Crazy... Some bonds just don't break. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

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