Saturday, September 08, 2007

south end art hop 2007

We went to the Art Hop last night. Saw some cool bicycle art at JDK. The old green one looked just like one I used to have. Then in the basement there was lots of colorful artwork that reminded me of Hannah's cat Mister and our cat Au Lait. Got sad, called Hannah. Went to the Box to see Isaac, Steve, and Rucchi. They had rented a paint ball gun so that people could shoot screen prints (art in action). Isaac had a bunch of blown-up text messages on display. Some of them were from my friends so I took pictures of them. None of them were from me though, cause I don't have a cell phone. Walked around some more. This green portrait was one of my favorites, but I neglected to see who the artist is. See more pictures.

Ended up back at the Box late-nite. We even made some art ourselves, starring the illustrious Vanessa in one film, and Colin and Taylor in the other.



Hanushka said...

Thank you for this entry, I almost feel like I was there! love, h

Sara Chasen said...
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Sara Chasen said...

jess peabody's dad did that portrait of her sister ashley playing dress up. he's pretty amazing. so funny that you singled it out!
(i recognized it as his all the way at the other end of the corridor. i love it.)

glimmering prize said...

Now I wish I hadn't missed it. The boys kept me too busy. It's the first time in five years we haven't gone.

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