Monday, September 10, 2007

sunday drizzle & romance

Lately, for us, romance is relegated to the weekend. I'm okay with that. It means that we can devote hours of quality time together and not worry about work or deadlines, presentations or drama, sleep or alarm clocks. It's just us. And the cats. And friends. And brunch.

This weekend, after spending an indulgent (but deserved!) Saturday evening at the Bearded Frog in Shelburne--where the best dessert was a Tahitian vanilla bean parfait with honeydew purée--we woke up Sunday morning to find that the wind had shifted ever so slightly. It was decidedly fall. A chill had settled in the air, and it was raining.

The perfect weather for sitting at the bar at Leunig's and sharing a cheese plate. This is the ultimate romantic date in my mind. Sitting at the bar makes it feel spontaneous--like the time in Paris, when it started absolutely pouring and we popped into the nearest café for warmth, and café, of course. At Leunig's, we get nostalgic when we hear the French accordion music, when we watch the barista steaming espresso behind the bar, and when we see the shoppers walk by with damp umbrellas poised and prim. It's Paris all over again.

This time, we got a fresh chevre rolled in chives, a smoked gouda, and a goats milk brie. They served it to us with plump grapes and berries, homemade cheese crackers, preserved cherries. And, of course, sliced baguette.

After lunch, we went to see a fabulously funny Britcom at the Roxy called, Death at a Funeral. A must-see if you haven't yet, and a wonderful finish to a wonderful day.


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