Sunday, September 14, 2008

blue danube

That's the color Col and I finally agreed on for the den. But not before we had to go through the colorist's version of couple counseling to find a common ground. But we did it. And when we saw the beautiful teal-navy-blue pop from the colorist's fan deck, our eyes met and we just knew. And it gets better. Not only did we find a color we both love, but we also found a paint we both love too. I know that sounds geeky, but when was the last time you painted a wall dark blue and only needed one coat (and no primer!)? That's right, one coat of paint and no primer. It's the new Aura paint from Benjamin Moore and it's worth every penny.

I love being a homeowner.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Benjamin Moore paint rocks! I really love that colour, and won't it just bring out the same colour in the stained glass window? Yeah!

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