Monday, September 15, 2008

A gusting wind, and, music to lose yourself in

I was roused in the middle of the night last night by a fierce gusting wind forcing its way through the bedroom windows, pushing the long window panels virtually sideways. They were flapping loudly like the sails on a boat in an ocean storm and, as they parted and whipped from side to side, the street lamp outside cast eerie shadows onto the wooden floor. I got out of bed and closed the windows. But it only caused the old glass panes to rattle even more loudly. I finally fell back asleep, but kept waking to the loud, whipping wind that lasted till morning. It colored my dreams and when I finally awoke for good, it was an hour too late and I was out of sorts.

There’s another wind whipping around our place these days. It’s the wind of transition. People all around us are moving. They are changing. Ending life. Starting life. Starting new life together... The winter is coming. Meanwhile, here we stand, Col and I, feet firmly planted on solid ground. We’re rooted ever-deeper in this place. We bought a home here together. And we’re staying put. For a while anyhow.

It’s not easy to stand firmly in place when the winds of change are whipping their persuasive tendrils around your every limb. Pulling you this way and that to bigger and better things. Calling you to keep up with the rest of the crowd. Still, I’m determined to use this moment as motivation to make this place we’re attached to as vibrant and exciting as ever—in hopes that we don’t need to change ourselves to be happy, but just to change what we’re doing. It will require some effort, but not much I feel. Change can happen at home too.

So what’s first on the list? Colin and I are going to Montreal on Saturday (it’s right around the corner really). We’re going on an overnight trip to enjoy the city and see Sigur Ros in concert at the Quai Jacques Cartier. Colin used to play their music for me when we were first dating and even though we still listen to them all the time, I equate their music with that time in my life when I was falling in love. Everything was sensual, hopeful and exciting. Everything tasted good. Everything sounded good. Everything was good.

I am really excited for the show. I’ve never seen them live, but Colin has and he predicts this outdoor show will be amazing. Hope we have good weather. Maybe we’ll fit in some shopping in beforehand at the Atwater Market...

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