Friday, September 05, 2008

you, me and the couch

It's been one of those weeks. Wake up go to work. Work. Get home late. Eat dinner on the couch. Watch T.V. (It's not all bad: Watching Heidi and Sarah back to back on Wednesday night was an interesting, if not pointless, study in American culture). Go to bed. Wake up. Go back to work. Is that what they call the grind? That's not what I want to be doing with the rest of my life, that's for sure.

Emma mentioned I haven't written on Eat Peas since June. Quelle trag├ędie! Is it awful to say this? I kind of forgot about it. Should I just bag the whole thing or carry on? I certainly have much to write these days on nourishment and I can't wait to tell you about the ice cream recipe I concocted last night: candied figs and Vermont plums, cassis, a little Syrah and toasted pine nuts with a Jersey cream custard. Can you handle it? I certainly can't. And I've been stuffing my face with it ever since it came out of the spinner.

Okay, I'm determined to stay off the couch all weekend. So for now, I'm off to hop on some art.



Unknown said...

How about broadening the horizon for authors of Eat Peas? You certainly have not been sitting on your duff this summer! How about Papa's brother Jerry, and his cousin Sandra, or have Sandra be your Great Aunt Maryanne's secretary and put her thoughts down for you? Maryanne is Papa Roger's sister, and a great story-teller. How about Lucy? How about Patrushka Winpenny in Beijing? Love ya, xxx

Penelope said...

That was the idea when I started it: that there would be other writers besides me. It's just ended up being too time-consuming to go solicit work from people.

Hanushka said...

Don't you dare bag it. This is going to be our best selling money maker in a few years! "Eat Peas: Buy This Book And Change Your Life, FOREVER!"

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