Tuesday, January 27, 2009

iced slate

That's the new color in the bedroom. I did it all by myself on Sunday when Col was on his work/snowboarding trip. I love how the icy blue sits in beautiful contrast to the molding on the archway. It totally stands out now. (And, yes that's my beautiful cutting job, and no I did not use edging tape! I learned everything I know about edging from my dad.) The cats like it too I think. Yay!



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Unknown said...

Extraordinary! Now there's a funny word. Does it mean that it's super-ordinary and therefore rather blah?! It's not just regularly ordinary, but doubly ordinary...in which case, I need to find another word. Magnificent, yes, that's it! Truly magnificent. Hooray! What a difference a little colour makes to a room, even such an icy, cool frozen blue as this, brings out the beautiful contours of your room. Then why is it that I am reticent to stray away from the linen walls of our home? All creamy linen, every single one. I have always wanted to copy the dining room in my godmother's house on Ladbroke Square in London's Kensington. The walls were a deep paprika hessian or burlap, and the tall ceilings were a soft linen colour. What a warm, cosy room that was, so many years ago. I wish I was brave enough to do it, and be able to convince my best friend!

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