Friday, March 20, 2009

sick day

I stayed home from work today. I had the worst headache ever and was so paranoid that my brain was going to explode that I went to the doctor. She couldn't do anything about the pain (surprise) but did a bunch of tests like make me walk in a straight line and touch my nose with my eyes closed to ensure that my neurological functions were, well, functioning.

Everything was a-okay. She said it was probably viral or stress-related (great). So she said to take a bunch of Advil and GET SOME REST. So I went home, took and 3-er and got in bed.

Only, it wasn't that easy to just fall asleep. Every time I was on the verge, I would remember something that I had to do: PAY BILLS, FILE TAXES, CALL SO-AND-SO, PICK UP DRY CLEANING... So every time this happened, I forced myself to get up and write the thing down so that I could hopefully, eventually stop worrying and fall asleep. It was an exercise in de-cluttering my brain. One by one, filing my thoughts on paper, nice and orderly and in plain view. I didn't realize I kept so much noise up there unsupervised (maybe all this clutter was the real cause of the headache?). I just go and go and go, 100 miles a minute without ever really stopping, without really taking control...

Well, after an hour or so, the exorcism finally worked and I slept for the rest of the day.

I just got up a little while ago and am feeling strangely serene. The afternoon sun is coming in the west windows, casting a warmth on top of the bed spread. Au Lait is curled up at my side; she's been there all day. (I think she secretly loves it when I stay home, though she'd never admit it herself.). I think my headache's almost gone. But I still don't want to get out of bed. So I guess I'll wait here a while. Maybe till Col gets home.


Unknown said...

Headaches are so strange, Soe. I wonder if this one is one you have inherited from your Mama. I used to get a nightmare of a migraine headache whenever hormones were shuffling around. It starts with flashing lights on the furthest peripheral (sp?) point on either side of my head. No pain yet. These flashing lights slowly glide towards each other to meet in front of my nose, at which point the excruciating pain joins in the fun as if someones drilling through my brain. Then nausea and all the frills join in the thrill of it all and you just want to die. Then you pass out for a while,(I've never timed it), then when you finally come round, you feel like a million dollars. I should paint a picture of it! My Mummy told me to swig a brandy down as soon as I became aware of the flashing lights and go to bed. The last time it happened was in Sherborne, so I tried it. Maybe it was quite a large brandy! But I went to bed before the lights met, went to sleep, woke up in complete euphoria! I've never had another, and that was about 6 or 7 years ago. x

Unknown said...

Maybe my hormones are dead!! Yay!

Emma and Kevin Kouri said...

Soe I do not get headaches but my shoulders tense up and they ache for days. I have always kept a running list of the "to do's" on my desk by my computer. A column for work, for life, and for home. This allows me to check things off and hopefully not let them pile up on my shoulders. Another thing I have started to do which I think you should try is I am taking Valerian root before bedtime.
K Dogg

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