Wednesday, April 15, 2009

day 2 & still running

So, apparently Kev doesn't think I'm a runner anymore. I'll show you! Got home from work tonight and it was so nice out. Still, I was armed with a gazillion reasons why I should not go running: I'm tired, shouldn't overdo it on the first week, better let my legs rest, I'm hungry, I have to make dinner, go grocery shopping, vacuum the house... Yet, despite all these murmurings in my head, I decided to hit the pavement. Same hill, different street. It was hard, but I feel like my lungs and legs are already getting stronger.

After my run, I really was hungry. But I still had to go to the grocery store and get some food. So I decided to go in my running clothes (gasp!). I had a sweatshirt on, so I put the hood up so no one would recognize me. But as I was walking down the block, I saw Mary, our old landlord drive by and pull up at stop light a few yards away. I ran over and waved and yelled hello.

She was with her two awesome kids, Peter and Sarah. They were all in a bit of a fright, because their pet ferret had just been electrocuted. But they brought him to the vet and he's going to be okay. Before I could ask how on earth he was electrocuted, the light turned green and they were off.

I took my sweet time at the grocery store. I just love wandering through the aisles when I'm by myself and buy all of the things that I don't get to buy when I'm with Col: pickled kimchi, tomatoes, avocados and lots of other fruits and vegetables, expensive skin products, curry cashews, fair trade vanilla, half & half in the glass jar... woah, wait, is that how I spent so much money??

Ran into some more friends at the store, hopped on home and then made these yummy chickpea burgers that I've been meaning to try for a long time. Sooo good! And quick too. When Col got home (he was hanging out with some friends) he had one for dinner too and requested that we have them at least once a week from now on. Okay!


Emma and Kevin Kouri said...

I am game to join you any afternoon. So give your bro-in-law a shout and if I am available I will certaintly see what you got.
K Dogg

Emma and Kevin Kouri said...

yay!!! Sapphie and I have our BOB jogging stroller now and we want to run with you!

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