Thursday, April 09, 2009

full moon

Erratic would be a good word to describe the goings on of late. And unsettled. This week has felt like a brief staccato movement in a large composition. It came from nowhere. But it must have come from somewhere. And just as quickly as it came to life, so too shall it fade and life might possibly resume its normal course. Possibly.

It's a full moon tonight. They say that the moon has an effect on things. On people. Well, it's strong enough to move oceans. Why not little old me?

I think it's the moon, among other things.

We're driving down to Katonah tomorrow to spend the weekend with Col's family. We're really looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to feeling settled again.


kimberly said...

damn moon. xo

Unknown said...

It's truly wonderful that you're aware of the ebb and flow of life. The ocean's heart~beat is shown in the tides, so why not us? Stay aware of these times, that tides aren't always gentle splashing onto a sandy beach, but very often are pounding, crashing onto hard, jagged rocks, breaking up things that need to be time, when there's a lull, look back and see if there is something in your life/circumstance, character that has been tamed, diminished or softened. Take the time to understand! I love you xxx

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