Tuesday, April 28, 2009

woodstock weekend

So, last Saturday, Colin took me to Woodstock, Vermont for a little birthday weekend getaway. We checked into the Woodstock Inn right in the middle of town. It's an amazing old hotel with a huge fireplace in the lobby. Our room was very nice with a big cushy bed and marble tile in the bathroom.

We decided to take a walk around town before dinner to explore a bit. But it was past 5 and I guess that's when things close down there. So we headed back to the hotel and got a drink at the bar instead.

We had dinner reservations at the Simon Pearce restaurant in Queechee. They sat us in a little nook right by the window overlooking the water fall. The meal was amazing and they served everything in their gorgeous glassware and pottery. We ordered appetizers, salad and dinner. We ordered a bottle of Abbot's Table.

And even though we were both totally stuffed, Colin made me order dessert too. So I ordered creme brulee thinking I could handle it, but it was GARGANTUAN! I couldn't finish mine, but Colin ate the whole thing. The sugar crust was perfect.

The next day we went back to Simon Pearce to watch some glass blowing in action. It took two men and several minutes to make just one goblet. Amazing. We have a new appreciation for their pieces. It's like drinking out of a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

On the way home, we decided to stop by Stowe to get in some sunny snowboarding on their last day of the season. The snow was soft and cushy, the sun was warm and bright. We took a couple of runs and headed home. It was a fabulous birthday weekend.


Unknown said...

That's exactly where Patrushka and I sat last summer for our two and a half hour lunch! We could've stayed forever! Your weekend sounds delightful, full of sweet memories. May it be one of many!

Hanushka said...

Thank God, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from lack of P.P. I'm so jealous! Did your SP trip make you change your mind about anything? Still like the Hamptons? xoxoxox

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