Friday, April 03, 2009


Friday night. First weekend in April. Drizzly. Full tummy.

Amanda and Ryan were here for dinner.

We talked about weddings.

And camping. And high school. I hate camping.

Amanda reminded me that I used to love camping. In the winter. In summer fields. In Island Pond in the lean-tos. In cars. In hunting cabins. In the back yard.

It's pretty much all we did growing up in the Northeast Kingdom. Camping.

Now all I want when I'm away from home is a nice hotel room with clean, crisp sheets and a big clean bath tub.

Go figure.

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Unknown said...

I'm sorry that you have inherited the 'I hate camping' syndrome from your Mama! :( All my memories of camping involve pouring rain, ants, more rain, no sleeping bags (I wonder if sleeping bags had even been invented back 100 years ago!) I love clean sheets and soft downy bedding, too!x

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