Friday, May 29, 2009

cape cod!

Here's what we did for the long weekend last week: Road trip! On Thursday night, Colin and I got out of work, packed up the car and hit the road for the Cape. We were so excited because we were invited by our friend Courtney's mom to stay at a gorgeous house on the water in downtown Provincetown. Courtney & Spencer were going to be there. And Mark was coming over the pond from Liverpool (Kathleen had to stay home for work. Boooo!). Here's us in the car on the way down:

It took us a LONG time to get to P-Town. We arrived around 1 in the morning. Spencer had waited up. So we had a drink and Spencer showed us around the Sandpiper. (That's the name of the house where we were staying.) The house was amazing. There were lots of pretty shells and corals decorating the place. Lots of Victorian fixtures. It was right on the water. Right downtown. We finished up the night with a quick trip down the street to Spiritus Pizza. What a scene! Then we crashed pretty hard in this amazing room:

The next day was gorgeous. We hung out on the deck. I had an insane veggie burger with salt & vinegar chips, avocado and Frank's red hot-marinated onions, among other things. Mmm!

Later we moved to the front porch and watched people walk by. All afternoon. And into the evening. There were a lot of people to watch. Lots of them had dogs. There were lots of knee-length plaid shorts. A few drag queens. A few dramas. It was great entertainment. I love P-Town. The whole time we were there, we felt so lucky and so happy. Thanks Carol and Linda!!

The next day we headed to Falmouth to meet up with Mark & Chip and stay at Mark's parents' house for the rest of the weekend. The weather took a turn for gray and cold. But we still went to the beach. And we went bowling. I was really bad at it. Everyone else was pretty good. Colin was really good. He scored a 191. I can't remember what my score was, but it was bad. Spencer had fancy footwork every time he bowled, so I took a picture.

Here are more pictures from the weekend.

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