Thursday, May 14, 2009

the eater

When Colin's away for weeks on work trip, it seems I'm never lacking for company—or things to do. Just this past week, I had four dinner invitations. Sunday was a Mother's Day dinner with the family at the Bearded Frog, Monday was dinner with the girls at Elisa's, Tuesday was me myself and the Housewives of NYC, Wednesday was a fantastic Moroccan meal at Vanessa's and tonight I went over to hang with the sis & fam.

I think I take it for granted sometimes, all this good food and good company. I am taken care of.

Do you realize that when you offer a meal to someone, it's absolutely the best gift in the world? When you nourish a person you give them so much more than physical sustenance—though that in itself is a noble gift indeed. When you feed a person you nourish their spirit and their sense of self-worth. You keep them healthy. You make them feel cherished. The table sphere is a safe place where amid the candle glow and the dinner din grows family and community. There is much joy in that kind of gift—joy to be given and joy to be received.

I can't wait to return the favor.

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