Friday, July 31, 2009

circus week

It's been a hot week in Burlington. I've had a circus at my house—extra cats, extra people—and it's been a circus at work too. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend by myself, let everything settle, take a breather. Then next week we're off to Prince Edward Island to go to a wedding of an old college friend of mine. If you grew up watching Anne of Green Gables like I did, then you know how exciting this is for me. And it's the only real get-away that Col and I are taking before the wedding, so that's special too.

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Unknown said...

Don't expect to see Marilla and Matthew sitting out on the porch with a pitcher of lemonade, or Anne Shirley and Dianna chasing Mrs. Lynde's cow through her prize cabbages. Nor should you expect to be dodging the boys chucking butternuts at you and Col, neither should you expect to witness Prissy Andrews crooning away at the school-teacher! But in spite of all the either/ors and neither/nors, have a wonderful trip, and let that imagination of yours run wild beyond the present-day commercialism, that could render our fond childhood memories sadly deflated! x

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