Saturday, October 20, 2007

week in summary

Isaac told me last night he thinks I've been slacking on my blog. Thanks, Isaac. Actually, it's true. It's because I've been sick for over a week and the idea of sitting at my computer typing when I could actually be laying on the couch resting and watching T.V. just didn't seem like an optimal choice. So, when I haven't been working, I've been sitting on my couch and watching T.V. for over a week now.

While I was M.I.A. in computer world, some interesting events took place:
  • I found out that Chittenden county's recycling program now takes plastics #1-7. Sweet! Now I don't have to feel so guilty when I buy Brown Cow's single serving yogurt.
  • While Colin was traveling for work in Colorado, I made an apple cake for my friend Elisa's birthday. And Emi made a beer can chicken on her grill. What a show!
  • At work, the November/December issue of EatingWell is hot off the presses and we've been scrambling madly to get all that good Thanksgiving and holiday content up on the web. What?! The holidays already?! I've been spending almost every other waking second working with our nutrition editor to come up with diet menus for one of our media partners and realizing in that process that my own diet is far from nutritious.
  • And last night, we had our second annual Round Tha Hood house party in the pouring rain with five South End houses participating. For themes, there was a fireside party, college party, jazz lounge, shotsville and British pub. It was a slightly different crowd than last week with Sister Hannah and yoga Mindy missing. But I think we pulled it off without burning the house down.


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