Thursday, November 22, 2007

planes, trains, automobiles

Well, we're here. After one flight to JFK, an air-train to the subway, subway to another subway, subway to the train station, train station to the car, car to the house, we arrived at Colin's parents' house in Katonah last night shortly after midnight. I did the math in my head. We left our house at 5. We would've arrived two hours sooner if we had have just taken the car. But then, we wouldn't have any stories to tell, would we?

This morning we woke up to a balmy 57 degrees. And foliage. And then smell of turkey in the oven. Now there's the Macy's parade on T.V., twirling ladies, shrimp cocktail and Colin's famous Bloody Mary's. He's a genius. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Unknown said...

We really missed you yesterday, and everybody cried again!! I love you, Maman xxx

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