Tuesday, February 12, 2008

80s prom

If you had an 80s prom to go to on Saturday night, what would you wear? It seems simple enough, but when Col and I actually had a prom to go to this weekend, I was stumped. Do I try to wear pink satin with puffy sleeves and a sweet-heart neckline? Do I go for the shimmer and glam? Or black lace and stringy hair a la Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan? In the end, I opted for the third option, because it felt the most "me" and meant the only thing I had to buy was a pink flower for my hair. Colin went for the rock n roll look as well with black jeans, skinny tie and lots of eyeliner.

Turns out, for every guest, there was a different interpretation. Stacey, the birthday girl, wore a shimmery green prom dress and tiara. There was a Bret Michaels. A Punky Brewster. And one guy even came wearing a red leather jacket and robotic arm with Nintendo controls on it.


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JennB said...

I love the prom birthday party idea. You have the coolest friends... EVER!

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