Wednesday, February 20, 2008

home improvements

One true benefit I can see of staying home on a winter weekend is that you actually get the chance to be in your living space long enough to take care of it. After being cooped up for 3 whole days in our little apartment, I finally decided I needed a change of scenery. (I can't even think how the poor kitties put up with it day after day.) Col and I had cleaned the place from top to bottom and in doing so had found some unfortunate stains on our old, loyal futon. So we we set out on a glorious President's Day to look for a new futon cover. Our first stop was Burlington Futon Company, right around the corner. They were having a sale (yay!). After much deliberation (close to a half hour, I'd say) we finally agreed on a color and fabric and made our purchase. We felt so grown up!

But when we brought it home, we found the large panel of olive green to be to a little too bold for our little place, so we set out again—this time in search of some accent cushions to soften the new look. Would you believe it, we actually spent more time looking for cushions than the cover? That's because we first drove to Bed, Bad & Beyond in hopes of saving some money. But we found that all of their goods were highly priced, and very poor quality polyester. So we went back to Burlington Futon and found some neat circle motif cushions that we both really liked. And as you can see in the picture, Au Lait really likes them too.

So here is the result:





Unknown said...

You don't get it do you? Just look at that cat, then look at the cushions...I think they're related! There's a definite close family resemblance! Wow, what a difference a new futon cover makes. You've quite inspired me to do something with the sofa downstairs, which might, in turn, lead to a complete makeover.

Emma and Kevin Kouri said...

It looks like a transformation: from dorm-room-grunge to clean-city-chic! Burlington Futon is the best! Au Lait is a such princess.

Penelope said...

I never realized--the cushions totally match Au Lait!

Hanushka said...

Is that the London issue of Nylon strategically placed on your coffee table? Mapping out our shopping day? The futon looks amazing! What fun!

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