Sunday, February 17, 2008

not myself today

Instead of being depressed that I was still too sick to go to the mountain with Col today, I decided to revive myself with some retail therapy at TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx in and of itself is depressing enough, so I don't know why I insist on returning again and again to suffocate myself amidst aisles and aisles of excess junk. Still, I went. And I bought. A jogbra. I really needed one. I guess.

Instead of being depressed that I wasted my morning in a strip mall, I decided to go home and be productive. So I shredded papers. Months upon months of old bills and statements. I shredded them and put them in a big bag for recycling.

All that old paper dust, however, seemed to feed the congestive beast in my chest. So now I'm sitting here on the couch feeling even more depressed and sick. I probable would've been better off just going snowboarding.

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