Sunday, February 17, 2008

let me start off on a better note...

Last night was amazing. Colin and I finally got out on the town. Or to the country, as it it were, since our dinner date was in Richmond, Vermont—at the Kitchen Table.

It was very cold outside, but the restaurant was full. The host seated us in the left-side dining room with mellow gray-blue walls, beautiful old moulding, simple black and white photography, and a gas-lit fireplace. The room itself was quite bustling with tables and people, but once we settled in by the radiator with our own little lamp-light, we barely noticed any of the other diners during our meal (but for the loud-talker in the corner).

They had a special holiday menu. We started with oysters on the half-shell with a shallot mignotte—mmm, nothing quite like oysters to whet the palate!

Then came the salad course. Col had his favorite, Caesar Salad. It was lovely—slightly cheesier than Leunig's lemony version. I had a baby arugula salad with fine morsels of avocado, blood orange, and fennel.

For main course, Colin had coq au vin—a wonderful aromatic stew with local chicken and these fabulous baby mushrooms that popped in your mouth. I've never seen Colin devour a meal quite like this one. He absolutely loved it. I had a tasty roasted spearfish with a gorgeous avocado quenelle on top, lemony couscous and tarragon butter. The wine was a bold and delicious Shotfire Shiraz from Australia.

We cleaned our plates and weren't finished yet! For dessert, we shared a rich chocolate cake with homemade honey ice cream and raspberries, accompanied by a deliciously decadent black muscat.

We were both in heaven. What a special evening. I can't believe I let my depressing morning overshadow such an experience!

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