Friday, March 14, 2008

hong kong toys

Colin just got back from Hong Kong tonight. He brought me lots of good presents. Here they are.

This is the smallest handmade origami crane I've ever seen. Col got it on a stopover in Tokyo. It's on a lanyard—the Japanese love lanyards. You can hang it on your cell phone, camera, purse, keys. Anywhere to show off your personal style.

Last year, Col got me a fine selection of teeny-bopper socks and leggings during one of his trips to Hong Kong. They were a big hit. So he got me some more. And yes, I do love them. They're funny.

Sometimes the translations are funny. This one for Zocks cracks me up. "Guards against smelly. Guards against the perspiration."

A pretty Chinese purse to cover my checkbook. It has pretty sparkles on the flowers. You could even use it as an evening purse. Maybe I'll bring it to London next week!

Yummy Pocky chocolate sticks from Tokyo airport. Col knows I love the Pocky sticks!

This is my favorite present. It's a pretty leather purse with little embossed dragon flies all over. I love it. And so I put my origami crane lanyard on it.


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Unknown said...

What lovely spoilings! Did he find a robot? Hope he got himself some hiking socks, for all the walkies he's going to do in England! Welcome home, Col! Can't wait!

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